Poetry From The Heart

Jamie’s journey, as recorded in this book, is shared with the intention that you will been lightened, inspired, encouraged and motivated, but above all else, you will be empowered. Jamie Lee Eatmon, in his own words, is “On The Rise”. He feels that every aspect of his life has shaped and prepared him to be the man he is today.
While being raised in the rural south, born in 1962, in the city of Eutaw, Alabama, he was exposed to many of the southern woes, but was not scarred by them. He picked cotton alongside his grandmother, picked peas during his summers, drew water from a well, washed in a foot tub, slopped hogs, and is quite familiar with the outhouse.
He was a member of the last class of the segregated, Druid High School (’79) and a member of the first class of the desegregated Central High School (’80) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Jamie’s desire for writing was sparked at an early age. His first published work was
printed in the 1979 issue of Druid High School’s newspaper, Dragon Tales. He was inspired by nursery rhymes he found in the pages of the family’s encyclopedia set. It was in that same book that he recorded many of his first works, around age eight. As he continued to write, writing became his passion, much of which you will find within the pages of this book, Bits and Peaces of Me Poetry From The Heart.
He shares deep, revealing and intimate thoughts, views, values and desires. His writings
are not merely creative words of poetry, but a soulful, outpouring of his heart.
Jamie discovered his Peace during the compilation of this book. A discovery, that both
challenged and motivated him to rise above the circumstances of life. Jamie’s prayer is that his Bits and Peaces, will help you discover bits and peaces of your own life.
Today, Jamie is a minister, husband, brother, father, grand-father and friend. He admits,
“I have grown both callus and wiser, however, my poetry is my reminder that I must forever hold on to the Peace of my being.”

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